Kingdawn is a new generation MMORPG

It combines the massive world and fantastical role-playing attributes expected from most MMORPGs with the massive team-based battles.Like castle fights and race fights.

Kingdawn, there are whole cities that players must team up to take over and keep. Once they have them, they can choose to rule their land as they see fit; however, they must also defend their new kingdom.

Other parties and guilds will constantly attack, and sooner or later, they will fall. This is all in real time, where the keepers of these cities must be ever vigilant, while those who seek to seek to conquer will have plenty of openings.

Our Works

OUR works that believe in great GAME

Street view from Pergamon
Uruq City Tower view
Dungeon of Anvil
Concept Art
Concept work from Calcedon
Dark Spirit Fighter
Temple view from Montezuma
Montezuma Level Design
Vegetation of Uruq Tower
Front view of Pergamon
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